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A hybrid work of experimental fiction, dumb young-adult paranormal romance, and coming-of-age realism, Teen Sex Tragedy is a comedy-horror novel about the adolescent terror of remaining a virgin forever.

In central New Jersey, boy meets girl, but just barely. The girl is Catherine, a beautiful seventeen-year-old witch whose growing powers unleash mayhem upon the affluent, orderly suburb where she lives; the boy is Jeff, a neurotic twelfth-grader whose anxieties are exacerbated as the other misfits and undesirables of his class begin to vanish, one by one, in what suggests a series of virgin sacrifices.

For Jeff, teenage life is already confusing, but when, for reasons unknown to him, he becomes a particular target for Catherine’s experiments in necromancy, he loses his bearings completely, and his struggle to regain them—amid botched dates, failed driving tests, and looming college applications—is complicated by his growing admiration for Catherine, evil or not.

Is there any hope for Jeff—or, for that matter, any of us, even without the interference of a malicious sorceress? Was the 2005 blockbuster novel Twilight truly as awful as all the smart people said it was? What if senior year never really ends?